Beccalottadelicatessen (prophetspyder) wrote in dancinggirlfans,

The gang's all here!

Thursday night was a good night at Legends, and, of course (almost our entire community was in attendance ;), no night can be a good night without DANCING GIRL!

Decked out in stiletto heels, grey dress pants, and a grey, formfitting dress w/ a zipper front, she looked like.. well, Dancing Girl (Gavin thinks she has good fashion sense. I beg to differ).

Well, that night there was money to be made - Lisa told Gavin she'd give him $100 if he could get Dancing Girl to come hot tubbing with us - but he chickened out when she tried to take his head off with one of her outrageous dance moves.

Everyone, please, post and tell Gavin to grow the balls to ask next week. PLEASE!

Also, hopefully he'll post his accounts of the night. :D
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